Fall 2018--Spring 2019 Select Year
We will start accepting select player registration after coaches have selected their players and the board has approved forming the teams.
Select Team Information

Coach Matt Blough will be coaching a 12U girls select team for the 2018--2019 year.

Player Registration
If your child was chosen to play on this team, you need to register and pay the player registration fee using the link below. The player registration fee is $400. This covers the full uniform and all normal seasonal costs including referee fees, player insurance, registering for the leagues, etc. This does not include tournaments.

Since this is a returning team from the 2017-2018 year, you do not have to pay for a new uniform for your daughter if she does not need one. The registration fee during online registration will show $320, which does not include the uniform. If you DO need to order a new uniform for your daughter, or if she was not on the team last year, please use the link below to order and pay for her uniform.

The $320 registration fee can be broken into two payments with the first payment of $120 due the day you register and the second payment of $200 due by July 15. To utilize this payment plan, you will be required to register online and set up automatic payments with a credit card, debit card, or e-check.

We do offer limited financial assistance. Please email Michelle at vysoadmin@gmail.com for more information.

12U Girls Team
Coach Matt Blough
Returning select team players will have the option to wear their same uniform from the 2017--2018 year.
Players will be able to order a completely new uniform if they choose. Individual items, like jerseys, shorts, or socks can be also be ordered.
Adult Registration

Adults that are interested in being approved as the team's assistant coach, team manager or trainer need to submit an application for approval..
Click here to apply