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.Please email Michelle at 
if you are interested in being a coach, assistant coach, trainer, or team manager for the 2018/2019 year.
Interested in Playing Select Soccer?

Contact the President, 
Matt Blough, at
He can get you in touch with the appropriate select team coach.
Select Team Information

The following select teams have formed for the Fall 2018--Spring 2019 year.
For more information about each team, please click on the team's name.

Girls Teams
Victoria Fire 07G
Coach: Matt Blough
Playing League: WDDOA Prime 
WDDOA Schedule

Victoria Fire 05G
Coach: Josh Workman
Playing League: WDDOA Alpha 
WDDOA Schedule

Victoria Heat 02
Coach: Mario Olivares
Playing League: WDDOA Challenger 
WDDOA Schedule

Boys Teams
Victoria Fire 08B
Coach: Bill Tally
Playing League: WDDOA Alpha 
WDDOA Spring Schedule

Victoria Fire 07B
Coach: Tony Prokop
Playing League: WDDOA Alpha 
WDDOA Schedule

Victoria Fire 05B
Coach: Bobby Moore
Playing League: WDDOA Alpha
WDDOA Schedule
Sponsored by: Crossroads Title

Previous Seasons
Select Team Sponsorships and Donations

If you would like to sponsor a select team, or make a donation to a select team, please use the appropriate form link below.
Select Team Uniforms & Fan Wear

If you would like to order additional uniform pieces, or replacements, for your child, or would like to order Fan Wear, please use the link below.
Click here for the VYSO Team Store!
Fall 2018--Spring 2019 Select Year
Fall 2019--Spring 2020 Select Year

It is time for individuals to apply as a select team head coach or trainer for the 2019/2020 seasonal year. Click here to fill out the application. 
Deadline to apply: Friday, April 12.
All applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.