Previous Seasons
Fall 2016--Spring 2017 Select Program
Girls Select Teams

U14G D2: Victoria Heat 03
Coach: Raoul Ysaguirre
Fall 2016 Schedule
Spring 2017 Schedule​

U15G S2: Victoria Heat 02
Coach: James Martinez
Fall 2016 Schedule

U18G D1: Victoria Heat 99
Coach: Robert Ysaguirre
Fall 2016 Schedule

U19G D1: Victoria Heat 98
Coach: Rob Alcasabas
Fall 2016 Schedule
Boys Select Teams

U15B S2: Victoria Fire 02
Coach: Stephen Biles
Fall 2016 Schedule

U18B D1: Victoria Fire 99
Coach: Michelle Stanford
Fall 2016 Schedule

Interested in Playing Select Soccer?

Contact the Director of Coaching, James Martinez at
He can get you in touch with the appropriate select team coach.
Schedules are always subject to change.
Please check your schedules each week.