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Fall 2013--Spring 2014 Select Program
Girls Select Teams

U12G: Victoria Heat 03
Coach: Amy Ysaguirre
Fall 2014 Schedule

U15G: Victoria Heat 00
Coach: Robert Ysaguirre
Fall 2014 Schedule

U19G: Victoria Heat 96
Coach: Scott Sontheimer
Fall 2014 Schedule
Boys Select Teams

U13B: Victoria Fire 02
Coach: Manuel Chavez
Fall 2014 Schedule

U15B: Victoria Fire 00
Coach: Michelle Stanford
Fall 2014 Schedule

U18B: Victoria Fire 97
Coach: Rod Graci
Fall 2014 Schedule
Interested in Playing Select Soccer?

Contact the Director of Coaching, Adrian Rigby at 512-922-6880 or
He can get you in touch with the appropriate select team coach.
Schedules are always subject to change.
Please check your schedules each week.