Board Meetings

Board meetings are scheduled to take place at 6:30pm on the second Monday of each month. Please email Michelle, if you would like to attend a board meeting to discuss something with the board members.

General Meeting: 2nd Thursday in May
Purpose: The general meeting shall be designated as the annual meeting. Elections of officers and board members shall take place at this meeting. The annual budget shall be presented at this meeting. Amendments to the organization’s bylaws shall take place at this meeting.

2016 General Meeting Information:  The 2016 General Meeting will take place Thursday, May 12th at 6:00pm at the Victoria Electric Co-Op building at 102 SW Ben Jordan St in Victoria.

There were no bylaw amendments submitted. Proposed bylaw amendments must have been received by Monday, March 28th.  The proposed bylaw amendments must have been sent to the president, Matt Blough, and the secretary, Michelle King.

We will hold elections for the following board positions that will begin new, two-year terms on June 1, 2016: Recreational Vice-President, Select Vice-President, Treasurer, Director of Coaching and Director of Marketing. We will hold elections for the following positions that will take office May 12th, at the end of the meeting, and serve through May 31, 2016: Director of Marketing.

This list of all nominations received is below:

Recreational Program Vice-President
•Tisha Franz

Select Program Vice-President
•Robert Ysaguirre
•Michelle Stanford

•Breann Grahmann

Director of Coaching
•Casey Collins
•Alexis Salazar
•James Martinez

Director of Marketing