Register as a coach, assistant coach, or team parent/manger:
Each adult that will be working with the players must register in GotSoccer and complete the four additional steps listed below:
  • Submit background check
  • Upload passport-style photo
  • Complete the CDC Heads Up Concussion Training Module
  • Complete the SafeSport Training Module

All of the steps above can be completed within your GotSoccer account. After this is all completed, the VYSO Board of Directors will review the applicant. If approved by the VYSO Board of Directors, the adult will be eligible for a KidSafe card.
Click here to register in GotSoccer for the Spring 2020 REC season

Important Links for Spring 2020 Season
These links will be live as they become available
S20 REC Coach Quick Start Checklist
S20 REC Coach Newsletter
Field Map
Sign up for Field Practices at VYSO Soccer Complex 
GotSoccer (team account) 
Form to change Team Name
Form to add Assistant Coach and/or Manager
Field Striping Schedule and Task List 
Adult Participation Pass (KidSafe Card)

All adults (17 years +) must have the current year's KidSafe Card visible while on the sidelines during games.  It must be signed, have a photo and be laminated.  If you do not have your KidSafe Card visible you will not be allowed to remain on the player's side of the field.

Restraining Line, Pets, Smoking

All fans must remain behind the restraining line on the fans side of the field.  Anyone found on the player's side of the field without a KidSafe card will be told to move to the parent's side of the field.

No pets are allowed at the VYSO Soccer Complex.

Smoking (including e-cigarettes and vaping devices) is permitted in the parking areas only.

The REC Schedules will be posted here. Please know that schedules are subject to
change. Efforts will be made to let you know of the change but we do ask that you
verify your game time each week.

Game Cards
Please verify your game scores before you sign the game card after the game;
once you sign the game card it becomes official and will not be changed.

Please make sure to have a different colored jersey for your team's goalie to wear during the game and that the players are wearing their uniform jerseys, shorts and socks they were issued.

Recreational Coach's Corner
REC Program VP
Tisha Franz
Please contact Tisha Franz if you have any coaching questions.
Links for Coaches:
Rules of the Game: