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Welcome to VYSO's website!
VYSO is located in Victoria, Texas, and provides the youth in our area with recreational and competetive soccer programs.
STYSA members are required to follow all STYSA rules and regulations.  STYSA's purposes include the teaching of good sportsmanship, the educating of youth participants and adult sponsors in the fundamentals of soccer, and the promotion of soccer through sponsorship of regularly scheduled youth soccer competitions.
VYSO is an active member of the South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA.)
South Texas Youth Soccer
Field & Game Day Rules

We would like to make sure that all coaches, parents, players and spectators understand the VYSO Field & Game Day Rules.  For example, we do not allow pets at the fields, all parents and fans must stay behind the restraining line on the opposite side of the field from the players and smoking is allowed in the parking areas only.  Please click here to read the full list of VYSO Field & Game Day Rules.  Please help us on game day by abiding by these rules that are in place for the players' safety.
Bad Weather & Makeup Games

Board members monitor the weather and will make the decisions to delay or cancel games due to bad weather and/or field conditions.  We have a lightning meter which is utilized when storms are in the area.  As long as there are no safety issues games will be played in the rain and the cold.

Please do not call to ask if games are still going to be played.  If the games are delayed or cancelled the board members will contact the coaches who will then contact parents.  Unless you are notified, you can assume the games are still on.

In the event games are cancelled every effort will be made to reschedule those games.  The makeup games may be held after other games on the following Saturday(s) or could even be held on Sundays or weeknights.
VYSO COVID-19 Action Plan 10/5/20
Currently in Phase 3
Click here to read the measures and procedures that are in place for the fall season.

Revised by the Board of Directors 10/5/2020.

The Board of Directors has appointed the Executive Director, Michelle King, to serve as the Club Safety Coordinator. Michelle will handle all COVID-19 related issues and situations.

Michelle's contact info::
361-574-8976, ext 1
General Meeting: POSTPONED

Due to the continued COVID-19 situation, our general meeting originally scheduled for May 14 is now postponed with the future date to be determined.

Click here for more info regarding the General Meeting.

Games start Saturday, October 10!

Please make sure to read the full VYSO COVID-19 Action Plan before attending games.

Healthy Game Day information, click here.

Field setup for U04--U06 games: parents/spectators will sit directly across the field from their child's team. There are designated spectator zones painted. Each family unit needs to sit in one spectator zone.

Field setup for U08--U16 games: parents/spectators will sit on the same side of the field as their child's team. The team will sit on one half, the spectators will sit on the other half in the designated spectator zones. Each family unit needs to sit in one spectator zone. Click here to view an example field layout.